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Kristin Steele

It is almost hard to think about where to start! I think this club gets better every year! This year/season has been EXTRA special for me because I have stepped up my running to include ultras. I believe that volunteering, which I've mostly done through SRC, is a huge reason for this. Additionally, several SRC [...]

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Simon Edwards

Moving your family from one continent to another can be a BiT tRiCkY enough - 6000 miles from home, no decent tea, no friends (stop laughing at the back!), and a new family-in-law, and strange strange food. Oh, and no running club chums! I was in dire straits (hell no, not the band!). It was [...]

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Timothy Truitt

Thank you so much Coach, for all that you do. SRC has benefited me more than I can say. Fitness? Better than ever. Friends? Like you wouldn't believe. Fun?some of the most I've ever had. I've been inspired, encouraged, and supported to unbelievable heights. I've been given the opportunity to do the same for others. [...]

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Debbie Nichuals

Although I haven't been able to make it to one single practice I have been able to be part of this club through FB and meeting a few club members at the Awesome 80s Run in January. This club is AMAZING, not only on the pavement but personalities included! My motivation is slim to none [...]

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Steve Turchin

How have i benefited from SRC? In ways id have never imagined.i joined so i didn't have to run alone, because that's boring.i never imagined i would meet so many great people doing great things.I've made a bunch of friends who share my passion for pain, and though many of them are far superior to [...]

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Carrie Wilson

I came to the group through friends Scott and Laura Pfeiffer. I was originally looking more so to get my son out of the house and using his natural talent to run, especially with is long legs...built to run. :) In the process I found a lot of friendly people. I must admit I am [...]

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Sally Aston

Thank you Surprise running club for all you do, not only at your weekly track meets but all the volunteering and inspiration you provide to our running community. It was an honor to run along side (and usually behind) such a talented group of runners. Thanks for welcoming our family and inspiring our kids. We [...]

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Michael Bober

The benefits I have received from SRC? Since I feel there are very many, I will try to be brief. I came to the group because I saw Travis and Dave Basham wearing their SRC shirts. This was at the Turkey Day run at Peoria Sports complex. I was always into bodybuilding and fitness but [...]

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