Debbie Nichuals

Although I haven’t been able to make it to one single practice I have been able to be part of this club through FB and meeting a few club members at the Awesome 80s Run in January. This club is AMAZING, not only on the pavement but personalities included! My motivation is slim to none but seeing the smiling faces of this club helps me realize everything is going to be OK! I’ve had 2 left knee surgeries in 2012 and the last one was ACL replacement, which I’m still rehabbing for. And now my right knee got a little jealous so I have small procedure for “clean up” in the knee in a few weeks. Disappointed, depressed and wanting to give up, I come here. The positive attitudes and Coach Keith’s approach reminds me I have a place here with this club. My pace may be 20+min but it is acceptable! I wear my SRC gear with pride! I look forward to next season as I will be FULLY recovered and FULL approval to move about freely!

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