Carrie Wilson

I came to the group through friends Scott and Laura Pfeiffer. I was originally looking more so to get my son out of the house and using his natural talent to run, especially with is long legs…built to run. 🙂 In the process I found a lot of friendly people. I must admit I am shy and sort of keep to myself, I am frustrated with myself and my back, but have been pushing myself to go despite my lack of desire so that Mickael Wilson would get the benefits. The longer I am here the more I realize this is truly a community of really friendly people and I have to learn to open up. I have met a few of you and have been encouraged to continue and stick it out. The talent in the group and the people who have really made running their lives is what truly impressed/impresses me. I love knowing I have people I can ask for advice who have already been through the tough stuff that I haven’t even CONSIDERED yet. I want so much to be in the joggers next year and I know I can do it, thanks to everyone posting and sharing their stories. Thank you Keith for all you do and for the talent and knowledge you bring to the group. Having someone like you leading us helps me to know that I can do it with determination and people to push me and keep me accountable. Thank you to all the captains and to the Abby who does so great with the kids. Thank you for the opportunity you guys, and all your hard work, have provided in the city of Surprise. You guys are all great encouragers and I DEFINITELY plan on being in this group next year, as well as hopefully finding some people to keep me active this summer.

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