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The benefits I have received from SRC? Since I feel there are very many, I will try to be brief. I came to the group because I saw Travis and Dave Basham wearing their SRC shirts. This was at the Turkey Day run at Peoria Sports complex. I was always into bodybuilding and fitness but had recently decided to be more of an endurance athlete. I wanted to do a matathon since this was one of my bucket list items. So, I decided to start attending Monday night. What I noticed were welcoming people who had good hearts and were encouraging. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of becuase I too needed the encouragment. What was amazing was the infectiousness of the group. I found myself very soon having a desire to encourage the discouraged. There is enough complaining and arguing in our world to drive us all nuts. This group was about building each other up according to each need within the group. It really is a come as you are group and I love that. I am excited to see others grow and shine who have had doubts of that previously in life. They say failure comes in can’ts and success comes in cans. SRC is definitely a “can” group. Even if that simply means getting off the coach one Monday to come and walk. In my one life I have found many times motivation follows action. I am honored to be a part of this awesome group. Thanks coach Keith. Captains, and all members!

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